Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top Ten Books of Past Decade

Sure, the height of January Rush is in the air, and as campus booksellers we're franctically trying to stay on top of the needs of students returning to class after a holiday break. It's a fun, yet stressful time of year where we have too little space, too much stress over shipments of late-adopted and published out of stock books and more competition from more angles than ever in our history.

What better time, then, to escape into the land of "reading for the pleasure of it" with a look at an eclectic selection of the "Top 10 Books" of the past decade?

Appearing on The Mark News (A Canadian "News & Perspectives Daily" column) is my personal selection of my favourite books from the past ten years along with a 9 minute audio interview on the future of reading.

C'mon campus booksellers, pipe in on the comment section -- what would be YOUR top picks?

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