Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Handbag hooks are cool again

Unless you spent a significant amount of time with your grandmother growing up (a fashionable grandmother at that), you probably won't know what handbag hooks are. They seemed to disappear around the same time as sweater sets and Brylcreem.
That's why we were very surprised when one of our junior staffers enthusiastically returned from a lunch date last week with one in her hand.

Handbag hooks are cute little metal hooks that fashionably keep your handbag from sitting on a dirty floor when you're out to lunch, studying in a library, or working on a project in class. Simply hook the straps of your handbag on the lower hook portion, then rest the stylish little head on any table surface, and voila!

We think they're set for a comeback, and a number of websites think so too. Above are some examples from SilverHooks, an Ohio based website.

Feel free to also check out The Purse Hook, and My Bag Hanger (from the UK).

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Anonymous said...

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