Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eco Writing Tools

Ever meet a person who is obsessed with office supplies? We recently met TWO such individuals at a Vegas trade show who were only too happy to identify a few of their latest loves of writing utensils. While many were pricey (hello, Mont Blanc?), one suggestion did get us paying attention:

Earthzone (a Canadian company) makes pencils from 100% recycled newspaper...we've been assured by these pen-enthusiasts that the recycled content actually makes the product a better writing tool - easier to sharpen and offers a smoother "flow". The Earthzone website is under construction but you can send them an emailing

Of course, the Earthzone pencils are quite similar to the eco Smencils we have spoken about in the past. They are also made from 100% recycled newspaper, but these of course come in fresh smelling scents that aim to make note-taking a tad more pleasurable. Yes, they are marketed to kids, but young adults are fans too.

All this talk about eco writing tools got us thinking - what else is out there? Et voila, just like that we stumbled upon a whole website devoted to Eco Friendly Pens. Based in California, TrailBlazer Promotions offers more than 50 styles of eco-pens - from recycled to bio-plastic to wood, and beyond. To view their website, click HERE.

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Sandra Garcia said...

Hi Blogger One,

Just to update you on Earthzone pencils - the email is and their website is They have a line of HB recycled pencils, Special Edition newsprint pencils, Artist's Series, and Coloured Pencils. Let me know if you need any further info! Thanks.

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