Monday, December 8, 2008

Designer Headphones

The big trend here - as I'm sure those of you who've followed our trend report in the past have noticed - is the increasing demand for unique looking personal gadgets. First came the laptop-and-ipod-stickers trend (which is now a huge industry) then came the earbuds-that-look-like-jewelry trend (still going strong). Next up are speakers that look like anything but, and new to the game are headphones with serious style.

All of the headphones shown above fall way outside of the typical student price range, but all are worth noting. The chocolate leather & stainless steel pair are from California watchmaker Nixon. The two printed pairs are part of an artists' series collaboration organized by WESC, and the wood-framed pair are a collaboration between Dutch artist Parra and The Perfect Unison company.

Watch for cheaper, student-friendly versions from competitive brands that aim to cash in on this new addition to the customization trend.

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