Monday, October 6, 2008


Can anyone read these posts?

Yes. This blog is open to the public so anyone with access to the internet can read them.

I have an idea for a great blog post here.

By all means suggest it to one of the regular contributors to the blog or consider actually blogging it yourself. This is an open community of Campus Store Canada members.

I have a comment to make but I don't want anyone else to see it.

You might consider sending a message directly to the person making the post. Simply click on the profile of the person who wrote the blog to see their email address and send them your comment.

A comment that I made doesn't appear below the blog post.

The administrators of this site have the right to remove any post or comment that they feel does not properly add content or context to the original blog post. (IE, a comment that perhaps appears to be nothing more than an attack on the poster or the subject of the post rather than offering constructive criticism, suggestions, ideas, etc). If a comment doesn't either request further information or seem to be in the realm of healthy debate, it will be removed.

I have a FAQ that I think is important but I didn't see here.

Excellent. Please email it to the administrator of this blog.

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